As I was going through a spiritual awakening between December 2013 to March 2014 during that time I was abducted by a UFO at least 2 times one in February 9 the other in March 5 2014. The first time it happened during a difficult time as I was being harrassed by mind control psychotronics causing headaches, disorientation, confusion. One evening while I was having different symptons of mind control... for several minutes I was imploring the aliens which are evolved human beings using my mind to send telepatic messages to come and help me because I couldn't take the attack anymore, after praying in a position that made me feel I was flying with my guardian angel, I stood out of bed and went to the front door trying to go outside so I can leave with them and be trained to fight.

Something strange happened as I was walking towards the door, I heard an animal running behind me but I ignored it as everything going on at the time was so espectacular. I opened the door and I looked at the sky... I saw no ufo I thought they just couldn't come but when I closed the door and turned around I looked at the clock on the cablebox, the time was exactly 12:00am midnight though when I left my room it was probably close to 10:20 pm. I don't remember what I did when I was taken to space.

The second time I was abducted happened after staying home for 3 days thinking something bad was going to happen if I went outside like to the store or a friend's house. That day I called a friend asking her to see her and she said I could so I was getting ready to leave but my father told me he had a bad feeling about me going out and I was feeling something was wrong too, but I left anyway although when I got to the end of the street ready to make the turn to the avenue I changed my mind and made a U-turn instead and came back home, I stayed home for 3 days thinking that would clear any problems. Then on the 9th of February I went on my car again and then something incredible happened... I was driving on the freeway towards my friend's house again (there was a lot of traffic), I wasn't listening to the radio which was rare, then as I was driving I look in the sky not too far from me probably 15 meters away I saw a flying spacecraft coming slowly and silently towards me, I thought it was something similar to a military aircraft that makes a lot of noise and make the ground shake but this thing I was seeing was completely silent, as I was watching it with surprise but surprisinly not in shock? right in that moment I entered into a limbo, I became hypnotized and from that point I don't remember anything until later arriving at a city 8 minutes north near Layton from centerville (place where I was hypnotized), as I was coming to normal awareness... I was noticing there wasn't as many cars just a few cars close by maybe 3 or 4, much different from when I lost conscious minutes before, then all of a sudden I immediately realized I really was abducted by that flying machine I was seeing just not clear memory of the abduction if I was taken aboard or was only hypnotized.

The third time the aliens tried to abduct me was when I left home on my way to Walmart in Centerville Utah, after leaving the store and driving towards another friend's house Amy which is depicted on the drawings section of this site. I was feeling being followed since leaving home, but the alien's craft didn't came close until after leaving Walmart, I was driving towards 1000 north in Centerville like a couple blocks past that, I turned right inside the residential area which was where I heard them much louder, I had my camera with me this time and I used it to try to record the UFO though no UFO I was seeing even after peeking my head out of the window the infrared of my camera didn't show a UFO above my car on the lcd display either, must have been because they can turn invisible, but I was hearing the buzzing sound they typically make and at least the camera recorded how static the radio was, which oddly enough, the song playing was about an alien abduction "a flock of seaguls - I ran", I was fearful they were going to take me far so I had the idea of calling yet another friend Kelsey to say goodbye thinking I was never going to see her again which at the time I liked her a lot, I was also thinking that calling her could break the electromagnetism that causes the UFO to absorbs objects and people into their spacecraft as if the call was going to cancel the magnetic field. She didn't answer, after recording my voicemail for 2 minutes the call ended and I hanged up, the spacecraft left or the sound stopped and at the same time I arrived at Amy's house.

As the attacks didn't cease and the headaches continued... On March 6 2014 I thought it would be a good idea to expose the CIA for harrasing people as that was my belief at the time so I went to the police station to complain, but after an hour of waiting a police man that I believe came from another police station told me to go to the hospital and go to radiology and that's where I went, about 5 minutes later I arrived and went to talk on the emergency room, which after sitting down went in to radiology where I explained my conspiracy theory, they told me to wait for a psychiatric lady that was going to come talk to me, I thought it was fine if I made it into a psych ward now cause I could try suing them another time.

After being admitted to the Psych ward the next morning I notice a girl that I was atracted to named Danielle and after sitting in the group room for 10 minutes she became atracted to me and we became friends there, on the 9th of March we kissed around 9:30 pm while watching TV tho she was married. The next day the day she went home... she wrote a love letter to me which I will publish here another time, she said she wasn't going to meet me after leaving cause she was married and had kids but that our kiss was incredable and that she wanted me but right now it won't work. I left on the 26 of March but didn't went home, instead they sent me to the Mental State Hospital in Provo Utah where after loosing my self belief I would say... I became ill and didn't feel mentally stable. I stayed for 11 months the story didn't end as I was expecting. That year in 2015 after coming back home, I started looking into my tapes I found the tape when I recorded the UFO in centerville or that at least I tried to and the weird thing was I saw the playback exactly as I remembered it but months later I lost the tape then found it again but this time... the recording shows something different... it shows the same song on the radio but a different route? I saw me driving towards Bountiful not Centerville so can't even study the tape to notice if a misterious light was in the sky when I took the camera out of the window to record what supposely was over my car. The tape I currently have which I already transferred to digital in the computer doesn't show what actually happened! ┬┐Alternate Dimension?...

I want to go through a hypnosis interview that will allow me to remember everything that happened so I can make a book about this and a video recreation.

I remember sitting in a room with other aliens men and females watching earth news something about the moon been hit by nuclear atomic bomb on a friday the 13 I think in Sept of 2013 but is strange I remember that as this occurred in february of 2014.