This is a page containing only my artwork relating to girls I've met from Psychwards and hospitals since October 2007, it includes a summary of the story with each one. Not all the information is revealed as some of it is considered by me sacred and should stay that way. This doesn't mean I will not say it to selected people using a secure medium of communication.

This drawing shows a girl named Rose I first met in the year 2013 around May or June I can't remember. She asked a question in a church gathering in the Utah state hospital about the LDS church weakest point, and argued that the church changed their doctrine on Poligamy after 1889 after meeting with US goverment officials. It was funny cause the leader another woman conducting the meeting, had to agreed with what she said. This occurred on the treatment mall room 5 near the evening.

This one is from Melissa but it has a twist :/ is kinda weird cause I was trying to draw myself but thinking about her so I guess this would be kind of like a hybrid of a me and her or something with a divine purpose.

This drawing I made of Rebecca J., is not very important, I did it really quick and doesn't show many details. I drew this at my arts class at the treatment mall in 2014. I don't remember what I was thinking when I drew this other then I decided she would be wearing someone else's shorts :) maybe I should color it or finish it :/
This other drawing of this girl with a lot of hair is from Emily, a girl that walks like a duck. She is the same age as I am. I first met her in a crisis unit and to my surprise I found her again at the state hospital the following year. Too bad she wasn't doing well at that time, I don't know exactly what her exact mental illness is just that she told me in the cafeteria that her mind is all messed up and can't think right.
This is a drawing that I made around the time I was studying programming, it resembles a croquis or map or where would I go in case I need help, the destinations are attractive to me, I showed this to Audrey a girl that was in McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden with me that January of 2014, we never went out or talked after I left, couldn't get her friendship cause she was married :( tho she said we can meet at Wal-mart around where she lives as a spark chance but I never saw her again. This map is outdated but pretty interesting to look at.
This drawing is from Rebecca J. next to a television set, it looks childlish I know :) it remains me of her playing world of warcraft with her laptop connected to her tv. I took a memorable photograph of her that day while she was playing WoW. I drew this around the time I was already sad to be in the hospital... you can start to see the fading of my art abilities in this poor represantation of her :(
I tried to draw this girl Ashley P. the same way she looks. This isn't the same Ashley from the previous year, and other than they were both short they didn't have much in common. I had a library class with her and while she was there she would only listen to music and from genres I didn't like, but I ignored all that cause I liked her. She was sort of a mean girl. I showed this hand drawing to her and she liked herself on the drawing. She looked at it for a while.
Drawing I made in my psychiatric hospitalization in 2014 around march or april on a church activity room 6 with volunteer students, This girl is Ashley the girl I met the year before. The last time I saw her was when I was outpatient, I went to see her at the hospital in october 2013 at the library group her unit had. Right before she left for ever I told her "Well I wish I could see you again" she turned around excited to look at me with her eyes wide open and a delighted smile, tho I didn't say anything more, then she walked away. I drew this with power within the period of time I felt great.
Of the time I went out with Amy on March 29 2013 around 1am. I just came back from driving and I found a fb message where she was begging me to call her phone she didn't say why... after I called her she asked me to pick her up as she was having a horrible night... minutes later I arrived to her. I had to find a place to park where she would see me without being next to her house as she told me she wanted me to avoid been seen by her parents. She brought her guitar, a mentos, her smartphone a comb and some other accessories. I told her I wanted to go downtown for some adventure and she liked that. She was using her gps to guide me to go to this place they played concerts, it was dangerous as there were homeless people near. I don't know how I got brave enough to walk with her around there. Then we went to visit UNI or at least I tried to, I used to consider that place special at the time, but she didn't like the idea so she inmediately told me to head back to her home. When we came back she told me she was going to leave her guitar in my car and that we were going to go out the following afternoon but it never happened. She forgot her mentos in my car and I ate it. Days later she told me her parents were severe with her.
┬┐Where is Danielle?... you made quite an impression in me last march and Thank you for the Love letter you wrote to me :_)
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